Money Mindset for Creatives

What is this about?

Did you know you have a relationship with money? I want you to know, MONEY IS YOUR FRIEND!

Create awareness by doing a deep dive into your thoughts around money.

Who is this for:
Any Salon Owner
Hairstylist: (Commission or Independent)
Beauty School Student 
Nail Tech
Makeup Artist
Lash Specialist
Massage Therapist

What's Inside:
- The Model (Ultimate Life hack 101)
- Your Money Beliefs
- Your Thoughts around Earning & Creating Money
- Your Thoughts around Spending Your Money
- Your Thoughts on Having and Saving Money
- Money and Debt
- Money and Giving
- Abundance and Scarcity
- Designing your Money Philosophy
- Your Future with Money
- Money Mindset 
Challenge 1, 2 & 3
- * Bonus: Money Talk
- * Bonus: Books

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- ALL Courses created by a Hairstylist and creative who has 30 years of know how and -
has already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to
- Unlimited 27/7 LIFETIME Access
- SELF PACED so you can delve in on your time
- Course Frame work that shows you measurable results
- Printable work sheets
- Hours of Course Videos
- Money Mindset Challenges 
- Bonus Material
- Private Group where you can gain additional support and empowerment

We believe that true success is nurtured by a growth-oriented mindset, and our program is tailored to guide you towards unlocking your full potential with your friend, Money. 

Designed to help beauty industry creatives love their money thoughts so they can create the money they want and deserve!

Enroll today and join us on a journey toward MASSIVE growth and expanding your thoughts around YOUR MONEY!

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